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Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Yoshikatsu Furuta. I am 31 years old.
2.   How long have you been in the pastry field? How long have you been with Komugi?
I have been in the pastry field for nine years now whereas, it is has been four months of tenure with Komugi.
3.   How has your roots/culture influenced your food creations?
My parents exposed me to dietary and nutrition studies since I was very young. This led me to pastries, which eventually sparked my interest to explore this field even further.
4.   What are some of your favourite fillings/flavours or ingredients that you enjoy working with?
I enjoy working with cheese and chocolate. Personally, I absolutely LOVE chocolate!
5.   What inspires you?
When people smile upon taking their first bite into whatever they are eating, particularly in pastries, that inspires me to keep making better pastries and feeding the world. The kind of happiness, warmth and glow I see from them enjoying their favourite food or pastry is priceless.
6.   Komugi is a fusion of Japanese and the French culture, what are the main similarities and differences between these cultures when it comes to food?
The differences are what brought the similarities. The spirit and inspiration to create something special and delicious are the similarities. As for the differences, I try to infuse Japanese ingredients and methodology alongside the help of European technology – machineries, and eventually getting to end product that’s a nice balance of both worlds.
7.   With so many bakeries sprouting up, what sets Komugi apart from everything else?
Komugi stays true to its Japanese concept. We take every small detail into mind to stay rooted as being a Japanese bakery. From our product ranges to methodology of making, involvement of chefs, packaging and use of ingredients, we pay great amounts of attention to these elements in a very much Japanese manner.
8.   What and where are some of your favourite bakeries/pastry houses?
For pastry, I personally like Frais de cru, a Japanese pastry outlet that’s got tons of delicious rolls, cakes and more. For Bread, I like Anpureshion, a Japanese gourmet boulangerie.
9.   How long does it take for you to come up with a different recipe/creation?
There is no time frame to it. Inspiration can just spark all of a sudden, and when it happens, I will write it down and start experimenting with it.
10  Share with us a few Komugi must-try.
A first would be our signature the Hanjuku Cheese cake, also known as a half-baked cheese cake that just melts in your mouth! It is available in original and chocolate flavour. The other original from Japan that is currently exclusively available in Komugi is Namasand Green Tea and Namasand Chocolate. Our original flavour pudding is also one of our best-seller! For the bread section, our paneo range (some calls it hard bread) is highly recommended. Our range is vast and we try to educate customers to re-heat the paneo range if they intend to leave it overnight to consume the next day.
11  What is your personal Komugi favourite?
I love chocolate. So my ultimate favourite will be Chocolate flavoured Hanjuku Cheese cake.
1    Tell us a bit about the famed Hanjuku cheese cake.
Our carefully selected cream cheese along with other simple ingredients are brought together and baked in the shortest time to bring forth a unique taste and texture. Try one and you will fall in love with it. Definitely a green light for cheese lovers!

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